Video-Juice System


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This video shows a deck of cards that has been marked with a special substance that is visible only under a special video camera. The video was shot with two different cameras positioned side-by-side and running simultaneously. The image on the left was shot with a regular camera, and the image on the right with a specially modified one.

The game dealt in this demo video is 7-card stud. It is clear that all the cards might as well be dealt face up. If the game was Texas Hold'Em, and the 5 community cards were dealt out face down at the beginning (rather than after each betting round and using burn cards) then the cheats know who has the highest ranking hand before the first betting round.

Such decks are most often used in after-hours clubs, private homes, and crooked card rooms. The scam requires a special setup operated by a small team of people. A typical setup consists of a hidden video camera (or a camera that masquerades as a security camera), a 4-head VCR with frame-by-frame playback capability, a video monitor, and a wireless communication system.

The scam can be operated by three people working together. The player at the card table does not make any playing decisions; he is just a puppet player who only acts as instructed through secret signals. The actual player (i.e. the one that actually makes the playing decisions) is seated in another room watching the game on a monitor. He records the deal and immediately plays it back, frame-by-frame whenever necessary. Since the cards are boldly marked across the backs their values can be easily seen even at a distance. He then uses a wireless communication device to signal the playing decisions to the third person who is standing in the room and apparently not taking place in the game. This third person then signals the puppet player whether to fold, call, or raise (for example arms crossed means fold; scratch chin means call, and scratch nose means raise).

Such systems currently sell for $20,000 on the black market, provided that one knows where to buy it. The substance used to mark the video juice cards is completely invisible to the human eye. In order for the video system to work one must use a special substance as ink, and a specially modified video camera.

The substance that is used to make the ink is actually extremely expensive (about $100,000 per pound in powder form) and is usually sold in very small quantities. This price is not the inflated price tag associated by crooked gambling supply dealers. This substance is made for another application altogether.

The marking substance is only half of the theory - the other half is the video camera. The camera is specially modified by manually changing one particular alignment in the camera itself, and by physically installing an additional component into the camera. Furthermore, not every video camera can be adequately modified because different video cameras vary in technical specifications, and one of the specifications is critical.


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