"After five hands of blackjack, I was busted. Just 15 minutes, but a thousand bucks down the drain... I was there to be cheated...where the dealer will rob you blind -- with your permission..."

Sarah Schmidt
The New York Sun


"You haven't lived until you've played against Mr. Pink... I've never played cards like this in my life. The six of us sat down and lost every single bet. I'm glad it was all just play money. I'm actually privileged to having played blackjack against such an expert card mechanic."

Adam Cardone, entrepreneur


"If you thought Russian Roulette was dangerous, try playing cards with Mr. Pink."

Jonah Schwartz, independent filmmaker


"As we were watching the expert demonstrations of cheating manipulations I noticed that my husband had an uneasy smile on his face. I don't think they'll be seeing him again in Atlantic City any time soon."

Stephane Mitchell, writer


"One can really appreciate the skill that's involved. Had I not been seeing it live I would have thought there were camera trick involved. I could not see anything wrong while we were playing cards, and yet, we all lost all our chips within a few betting rounds."

Dayton Taylor, inventor
Timetracks CEO


"I thought I'd be able to spot if someone were cheating me at cards. After experiencing this game in action and after seeing the demonstration of manipulations I now have a totally different opinion about the whole issue."

Scott Strong
Magnet Pictures


"This experience will forever change the way you look at a card game..."

Senator Phil Arthurhultz
Lansing Michigan