Crooked Poker Session

Our crooked poker session is yet another unique presentation that is not offered in any similar format by any other company.

The crooked poker session consists of an interactive game followed by a demonstration of cheating techniques. The demonstration is concluded by a Q & A session.

The audience is divided into two groups - the active participants who play the interactive poker game, and the observers who watch the scams in action. Since there are limitations, such as time constraints or the number of players that can sit at the card table at any given time, the number of active players is usually limited to three. However, the number of observers is limited only to the constraints of the space.

The active participants are considered to be front-row audience members, and must buy-in $300 worth of gambling chips to be able to play the game. This purchase is non-refundable and since it is understood that the chips will be lost to a crooked card game it is not technically considered gambling, but rather the price of a front-row seat.

Since the game is played without any pre-arranged scenarios, anything can happen at the card table. All the cheating will be done live as various opportunities present themselves. In addition, since it is not possible to predict how the players will play, it is also not possible to predict how long the game will last. In effect, it is like watching a real poker tournament.

Typically, the players will be losing chips at a constant rate and may exhaust their bankrolls before all the cheating possibilities were explored. In this event those players are encouraged to borrow money and commit themselves to a gambling debt, as would be done in a real gambling environment. However, this part is simply acted out for the sole purpose of illustrating how gamblers are known to get into debt (but no real money will be owed to anyone).

Several variants of poker games will be played throughout the play session and most of the cheating possibilities will be explored. The session will end with a sting and all the players will end up losing their bankrolls and fall into debt.

All the cheating techniques will be executed live as certain opportunities present themselves. While the cheating is happening, the observers are able to see most of the cheating maneuvers through a large video-enhanced screen. It should be noted, however, that the amount of cheating will greatly surpass the amount of cheating that a real cheat would ever attempt to do in a real game. This is simply done so to explore many more possibilities and to juice up the game to the maximum. However, all the cheating techniques will be authentic.

The interactive game is followed by a demo session. This is when all the cheating techniques and strategies are finally explained in detail. The entire demonstration is video enhanced and clearly visible for a group of any size.

The entire package will last several hours and breaks will be taken throughout the gaming session. It should be taken into account that this type of presentation will best appeal to people who have an interest in poker and are willing to sit through several hours of observing other players play. Serious considerations should be given to these issues before deciding to book this presentation. However, with an attentive audience this unique presentation is extremely effective, entertaining, fascinating and educational.