Blackjack Bustout Dealer Presentation
Experience the thrill of playing blackjack against an expert card shark without taking any risks!

Our Blackjack Bustout Dealer presentation is easily integrated, as an added attraction, into any casino nights theme event. Casino nights are theme parties that are often held for fund raisers or simply a entertainment with a casino gambling theme. However, this presentation can also be booked as a stand-alone performance.

Our bustout dealer presentation is an authentic recreation of a crooked blackjack game. Such crooked games used to be operated in mafia-run casinos before strict gaming regulations were in place. Nowadays one may still encounter a bustout dealer in numerous underground gambling clubs that can be found in any major metropolitan city. Such clubs are highly illegal and are nicknamed Bustout Joints, but are generally known as After-hours Clubs.

In our bustout game people get to experience the game of blackjack as would be played against a bustout dealer, but without any of the usual risks. The entire presentation is divided into two parts: the interactive portion followed by a demo session.


The interactive game:

In the interactive portion of the presentation people engage in the game of blackjack against an expert card cheat. Although this blackjack game is operated as a genuine bustout game, people do not have to risk losing any real money. All the participants will be given a certain amount of specially dedicated casino gambling chips that can only be used at our bustout table. Separate gaming chips further ensures that the gaming action at the cheating table does not interfere with the rest of the casino nights fundraiser in any way.

Some players may even attempt to cheat on their own; they will not be penalized for it, but if they get caught they will not be paid out and will be asked to stop cheating. In a typical bustout game the players will notice that their piles of chips get reduced to peanuts within minutes. They then continue to play the game on life-support until their entire bankrolls are exhausted.


The demo session:

The presentation is concluded with a demo session and everybody will be given an insider look into the dark secrets of the gambling underground. During this demonstration you will see an exposé of all the cheating strategies that were used against the players throughout the evening.

This demo session should not be confused with a seminar of how to cheat. In fact people will quickly come to realize that it takes real skill to execute the cheating maneuvers and those can not be learned without years of dedicated practice. This demo is best compared with a demonstration of how to play a musical instrument. People may appreciate the skill and even understand the mechanics, but no one would be able to play an instrument just by seeing how it was played by a trained musician.

Although this is not a training session it is still an exciting and educational demonstration. Most people will look at it as an eye-opener. The demo is concluded by a brief Q & A session.