Pricing for Blackjack Bustout Dealer Packages

The Blackjack Bustout Dealer presentations are offered in three separate packages. Non profit organizations and small businesses are entitled to a special discount rate. Please note that the prices do not include transportation costs for the blackjack table, chairs, and all the necessary gambling equipment.


Basic Package -- $1,250.00 corporate rate
  $650.00 discount rate

This package includes an interactive blackjack bustout game. All guests receive a $1000 gaming certificate which they redeem for gambling chips at the blackjack table. The fact that the participants are not playing with real money makes this experience a thrill, as opposed to a devastating experience.


Deluxe Package -- $2,450.00 corporate rate
  $950.00 discount rate

In addition to the interactive game this package also includes an exposé session at the end of the evening. These are the same techniques that were used in the old Mafia-run Las Vegas bustout joints before the Gamming control Board started enforcing regulations. Such techniques are still employed today in illegal gambling establishments in the US, as well as in other countries where gaming is not well regulated by local authorities. Furthermore, most of these techniques are closely guarded secrets of the gambling underground, and most people never get the chance to see a personal demonstration. No doubt, your guests will appreciate the expertly executed manipulation moves; and may even send some chills down a few spines.

The demonstration is concluded with a Q & A session.


Premium Package -- $3,250.00 corporate rate
  $1,250.00 discount rate

This is by far the most exciting package. The interactive game is worked by two cheats that ensure your guests get more excitement than they bargained for. While being cheated out of their play money, the participants notice that one of the players did not seem to encounter the same destiny as the rest of them. Slowly the lucky player begins to accumulate an impressive pile of gaming chips that just seem to double in volume as the game goes on, and eventually almost breaks the bank.

Your guests will soon realize that the "lucky" player must be in fact another cheat who uses the same techniques that are being used by professional cheats who hit legitimate casinos. Your group is in fact witnessing an orchestrated scam in action, which is full of surprises and astounding situations, that will leave everyone speechless.

At the end of the evening there is an expanded demo session that is now divided into two parts. In the first part your group will get a demo of all the cheating techniques employed by the dealer during the game; including the cheating methods used to help the secret accomplice accumulate all the winnings. In the second part of the demo your group will get an over-the-shoulder look at how professional cheats hit the casino without the secret help of a crooked dealer.


Customized Presentation -- BUDGETED PRICE

In addition to our three standard packages we also offer customized presentations to suit specific needs of clients. These may include any of the options described above, plus additional services, such as a slide show, video enhanced demonstrations, displays of crooked gambling paraphernalia and more. Since customized presentations are tailored to specific requirements they are also priced separately.

Pricing for the Crooked Poker Session


Crooked Poker Session

If people are buying individual tickets the prices are typically $300.00 per active player seated that the poker table (usually up to 3 players) and $50.00 per audience member. For group shows we can simply negotiate a flat fee for the entire group.

Please check our services page for detailed information on this crooked poker session.

Pricing for the Crooked Gambling Lecture


Crooked Gambling Lecture

The crooked gambling lectures are all customized to the specific needs of clients and therefore do not fall into a flat-fee pricing schedule. Prices for the crooked gambling lectures are negotiated on individual basis.


Please note: All prices reflect the service fee, only. All engagements are subject to additional travel fees.