Juice-up your next casino night event!
Your chance to have a closer look at a crooked game before you take your chances in a real casino!

Blackjack Bustout Dealer: cheating at blackjack

Casino Nights are popular theme parties held for fund raisers or any other type of parties, corporate and private alike. Typical casino night parties provide the thrill and excitement of casino gambling, but without playing for real money.

Now you can add a unique attraction to your casino nights and experience the thrill of playing casino blackjack against an expert bustout dealer.

A Bustout Dealer is an expert card shark (also known as card mechanic) who uses manipulative skill to cheat the players. During the early years of legalized casino gambling in the US, before regulations were in place, and at the time when the casinos were run by the mob, every casino used to have at least one bustout dealer on call. This practice derived directly from the way games were being run in the illegal gambling dens (also known as bustout joints). Bustout dealers would often work as independent contractors who would only be sent out when a big player walked into the casino.


The house always wins!

Nowadays most casinos are owned by large corporations and bustout dealers have been pushed back into the underground. However, since gambling always attracted the sharks, there have been instances when dealers were caught cheating even in legitimate corporate casinos. Those crooked dealers would usually be in business for themselves.


An encounter you will never forget!

People have always been fascinated with card sharks. However, most people never get the chance to have a close look at the secret weapons of the gambling underground.

Playing blackjack against a bustout dealer when real money is at stakes is hardly an experience to wish for, but playing a bustout game in a risk-free environment is a unique opportunity.

Since casino nights do not involve real gambling, those theme events provide the perfect foundation for a recreation of a genuine bustout game. Your guests are each given play money certificates that are redeemable at the bustout table. Participants cash in their certificates, and engage in a game against the bustout dealer; in this case knowing in advance that they are about to be cheated in the same way as suckers would be cheated out of real cash. The game is crooked from start to finish, and all the cheating maneuvers are the same authentic, genuine techniques that would be employed in a real bustout game.

At the end of the party participants are given an inside look at all the techniques used throughout the evening, making the entire presentation not only entertaining but also educational. Your guests will get to appreciate the skill involved in running an expert bustout game, and many will no doubt realize that most people do not stand a chance against an expertly operated crooked game.


The dark side of gambling

Gaining insider knowledge of the secret world of the gambling underground is no easy task. Most of the cheating techniques are considered closely guarded secrets shared amongst those who have earned their position in the community. To this day some cheating techniques are still only passed on to those who need to know, and often in exchange for cash. Most expert cheats are typically tight-lipped about the real work.

In our bustout dealer presentation you will be exposed to all the best cheating methods that are otherwise off-limits to the general public. Some of the best cheating methods have been secretly passed on from generation to generation and have survived the test of time; other methods are developed today. Even casino security personnel are aware of the fact that the cheats are always one step ahead of the game, because cheats are constantly upgrading old cheating methods and inventing new ones for which no one has yet thought to develop any security procedures.

The demo portion of the bustout dealer presentation gives you an up-to-date overview of all the best casino cheating methods.