What is a bustout dealer?

A bustout dealer is typically a professional blackjack cheat employed by a crooked casino or bustout joint. Such dealers were also employed by legitimate casinos in Las Vegas through the early years, when gaming regulations were not yet in place and most casinos were operated by the mob; those casinos would usually send out their bustout dealer only when a player with a big bankroll walked in. Bustout dealers are often independent contractors that split the profit with the casino.


What is a bustout joint?

A bustout joint is a crooked gambling establishment, usually an after hours club or any other gambling den that is not regulated by a state gaming control commission.


Do casinos still employ bustout dealers?

Legitimate casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other highly regulated gaming towns in the US no longer employ bustout dealers. However, any illegal gambling establishment is likely to have a bustout dealer on call, or cheat the players through various other means.


Do players have any chance of beating a bustout dealer?

No chance! Playing against a bustout dealer is best compared with playing against a three card monte mob.


Can the players win any bets at all?

Players will win occasional individual bets. In fact, in a real bustout joint they have to allow the players to win occasionally, otherwise players will soon become suspicious. In our simulated game the dealer can only take advantage of the opportunities whenever they present themselves. If an opportunity does not happen to present itself during an individual round that this particular round is left to chance. A legitimate casino blackjack game has a small edge over the players; typically 0.11% to 0.44% if the players follow proper basic strategy. If the players do not follow proper basic strategy the house edge gets increased to 5% or even above 8%. A bustout game has an edge well over 80% against the players, if the dealer takes advantage of every opportunity. By comparison a legitimate game of pure chance, such as tossing a coin for heads or tails, should have a 0% advantage or disadvantage, because there is an equal chance to win or lose.


Why would people want to be cheated and lose?

This is not about losing money or even about being a loser at a game. The bustout dealer presentation rather provides a unique experience in a risk-free environment. Most people are fascinated with card sharks and would not mind having a closer look at the techniques involved in real crooked games. Some of the cheating methods are so mind blowing that most people have a hard time believing it is even possible to do, until they see it done live right in front of their noses. Our bustout game is simply a unique format to deliver a memorable experience with great entertainment and educational values.


What is a casino night event?

A casino night event is a party with a casino theme. Those events are also known as Las Vegas nights, Monte Carlo nights etc. Casino nights events are often organized as a form of fund raisers; players buy-in gambling chips to play casino games, but it is understood that the buy-in is a donation. However, to provide an incentive for people to make donations there usually are prizes for people who manage to win the largest amounts of chips throughout the evening.


Since your game is crooked, wouldn't that be counter-intuitive for payers who wish to win prizes?

Not true! Our crooked game is a separate presentation that may be integrated with a casino nights fund raiser, but it is operated as a separate game altogether. Our bustout table is operated with separate gaming chips that do not resemble the chips used on other tables. In fact the chips used for the fund raiser will not be accepted at the bustout table, and vice versa. By using separate gaming chips our bustout game will not interfere in any way with your casino nights fund raiser.


Do you teach people how to cheat at blackjack?

No. Even if we wanted to teach people how to cheat we could not do it during a brief demo session. The demo session if very informative, but people will realize that it requires real skill to execute the cheating maneuvers. These manipulations can only be learned after many years of dedicated practice.