Meet the bustout dealer!

Mr. Pink , card mechanic, cheating at blackjack

Mr. Pink is a real-life card mechanic. He has worked as a bustout dealer in numerous illegal casinos, mostly in the US, and also actively works as a card mechanic in numerous home games. If you ever played in a private poker tournament with bankers and corporate executives, and the cards just weren't treating you well, chances are, you already met Mr. Pink. He is also an independent researcher and an internationally acclaimed authority on the subject of crooked gambling and cheating with cards.

While the general public usually turns a blind eye to the controversial subject of cheating, Mr. Pink has built his reputation on introducing the average folks to the fascinating world of crooked gambling. He has appeared in numerous TV shows, radio programs, independent films, as well as newspaper and magazine articles in Europe and the US. For the past dozen years he has been reviving the craft of gambling presentations, either as a lecture format or as an interactive card game in which participants are literally being cheated during a card game.

Most recent gambling-related film, TV, and radio appearances: