Bustout Dealer :: Do you dare to play blackjack against Mr. Pink?

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Play Blackjack Against All Odds!
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photo by Andrew Walker

Casino Night Parties with a Blackjack Cheating Theme:

Learn how you can incorporate an expert Blackjack Bustout Dealer presentation into your next Casino Night event.

Experience the thrill of playing blackjack against an expert card shark without the risk of losing any real money.

You and your guests will participate in a face-to-face crooked blackjack game against an expert card mechanic, who will be known to you only as Mr. Pink. When you sit down at the blackjack table to play against Mr. Pink, he will eliminate the element of luck from the game and bust you out in a matter of minutes. At the end of the evening, after you have lost your entire bankroll, Mr. Pink will demonstrate some of the cheating techniques that he used throughout the evening. At that time you will feel a chill down your spine as you see a close-up demonstration of the actual expert cheating techniques that were used against you. This will make you think twice before you decide to enter a casino again.

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